We love hidden object games

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We love ALL types of hidden object games. Whether it’s a tough find-the-difference puzzle or the spectacle of an adventure hidden object games - we can’t get enough of them. We’ve gathered some of the best games in the genre and have them here for you to play online or download for offline play. And all of our games offer free trial play so you can sharpen your visual perception skills and have fun anytime.

What is a hidden object game?

A hidden object game is a visual search puzzle game wherein the player must find an item or a series of items hidden within a picture. They are also commonly referred to as hidden picture games.

What types of hidden object games are there?

There are many different types of hidden object games that use the same basic premise but add different elements to the gameplay. Types of hidden object games include:

  • Find the difference games - Also known as spot-the-difference, the player finds looks for differences between two virtually identical pictures.
  • Mystery-Hidden object games - The player is looking for clues to solve an overarching narrative mystery that connects each puzzle.
  • Action-Hidden object games - The player is looking for items as part of an adventure narrative weaved throughout each puzzle.
  • Interactive-Hidden object games - The player can both locate objects and interact with the environment the objects are located in.
  • Find the letter or number games - The player finds letters and numbers that are hidden within the picture.

Why do we love hidden object and find the difference games?

We all know hidden object games and find the difference games are fun, they’re our favorite types of games - but why? What is it about hidden object games and find the difference games that makes them so fun?

Believe it or not, there’s some science behind why these games are so popular. Finding hidden objects is an example of a very basic and satisfying cognitive process, visual search. Sight is arguably one of humankind's most acute senses. As compared to much of the animal kingdom, human’s high definition sight is something we’re very good at.

Accordingly, we have evolved to hone our ability looking for things. But instead of looking for food or looking out for predators, we can search for hidden items in the latest action hidden object game. While developing our visual perception skills is no longer a life and death proposition, we still enjoy the fun testing our visual perception skills.

Hidden object and find the difference games push your visual perception ability in a number of different ways. There are a series of visual motor skills that you develop as you’re enjoying the gameplay.

  • Visual closure - the ability to discern objects when they are slightly obscured or abstracted.
  • Visual discrimination - the ability to notice fine details.
  • Form consistency - the ability to recognize objects at different angles in different environments.
  • Visual memory - the ability to remember an item or compare two items.

Sharpening your visual acuity aside, the best hidden object games are the ones that challenge your skills and are just plain fun to play.